Third Class?? What happened?

Dear Anonymous,

To be brutally frank, graduating with a third class degree will most certainly prove to be a blockade on the route to getting that BIG JOB, most jobs now come with a second class as part of the minimum requirement and hiring managers don’t bother with resumes with third class degrees but all hope is not lost.


Whatever the case, the result is a disaster, and you’ve probably spent a few weeks panicking, but life goes on and you have to plot your next career move.



  • The first step deciding what next you want to do, do you want to add to your degrees and make the best out of a bad situation, OR do you want to try your luck in the present job market, or do you want to leave the profession behind and get started on something else.


  • Getting a place in any master’s degree program these days is extremely hard; a post-degree diploma however is a lot more feasible. Entry requirements into a post-graduate diploma are more lax than for a masters or a doctorate degree. A good post-graduate diploma can also grant you access to master’s degree if you would like to go into academia. It also helps to liven your CV and helps your chances in the job market.
  • Adding to your qualifications and certification also augment the quality of your CV, try to attend as many lectures and seminars as you can. This indicates an effort to try and improve your knowledge and improve your hard skillset. You might also think about accentuating your soft skills and instances you’ve used those skills to achieve a certain.


  • Make your CV look as attractive as possible despite the obvious disadvantage that is your degree result.

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