Human Resource & Consulting

We specialize in tailored solutions for HR management and performance enhancement, providing expert strategies to empower your workforce and drive organizational growth. Elevate your business with our visionary solutions and local insights, shaping the future of management excellence.

Organisational Development

Lohi Consulting works with discerning businesses to develop organisation structures responsive to company long term goals and people development plans.

Recruitment and Selection

This involves human capital selection and head hunting for key personnel of established and start-up companies in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunication, and oil and gas sectors.

We have developed a database of applicants with prerequisite skills and experience for the purpose of job placement when the need arises from our clients.

Compensation Strategy Development

At Lohi Consulting, we would conduct marketplace compensation and benefits, data comparisons to ensure our clients are competitive and up-to-date.

Develop salary structures by bench-marking industry leaders to help our clients attract and retain the best talents.

Create employee benefit, work/life, and recognition programs that provide important protection for employees and help create a workplace that people want to join and be part of for a long time.

Succession Planning

To survive and prosper in today’s competitive environment, business owners must imbibe strategies that will respond to attrition of its employees. Lohi Consulting work with our clients to review personnel along with company organization structure to determine how employees can be developed and motivated to support the organization in the long term.


Employees need information – they crave it – and an organization that doesn’t provide platforms for disseminating information and receiving feedback loses great opportunities for growth. Employees need to be heard. Effective two-way communication between employees and management can help promote a healthy and productive work environment. At Lohi Consulting, we would assist our clients with:

  • Coordinating employees and focus groups forum to address important organizational topics;
  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys to get more specific details on organizational strengths as well as areas that need improvement;
  • Assist in developing employee handbooks and written policies;
  • Assist management with information to use when communicating to employees on important organizational issues; and
  • Design and conduct staff and management retreats to facilitate focused discussions on, and solutions for, key organizational issues

Performance Management

We develop performance management solutions that are responsive to client’s desire to record, measure and reward high performance. We work with our clients to:

  • Develop effective performance measurements to more objectively evaluate individual performance.
  • Create performance evaluation and career advancement programs that foster genuine employee development and learning.
  • Design management training to teach supervisors on how to effectively manage their staff.

Pay-for-Performance systems tie compensation directly to specific business goals and management objectives. These systems try to improve individual accountability, align shareholder, management, and employee interests, and enhance performance throughout the organization.

To achieve the latter, we are able to match measurable and controllable performance targets and appraisal mechanisms to corporate objectives

Balanced Scorecard is another technique that can be used to define what management means by “performance” and measures whether management is achieving desired results. The Balanced Scorecard methodology translates mission and vision statements into a comprehensive set of objectives and performance measures that can be quantified and appraised.


Lohi Consulting, since inception in 2004, has developed a learning model that is practical oriented and adept at imparting the right skills and competencies to participants. We have worked directly with our clients to build orientation, induction, soft skills and in-plant courses that tie in with the organisational vision or goals. Therefore, our custom-built training content is in line with the culture the executive management wants to create in a business.

The capability of any organisation lies with its people and their practical, technical and managerial abilities to deliver value to its client. Organisations must build a robust competency model and training curriculum that is responsive to the services it boasts to offer. Lohi Consulting works with organisations to develop such training curriculum and plans that tie in with a clear Human Resources Strategy. We have worked with executive, middle level managers and line supervisors to determine training needs of the workforce thereby ensuring training is oriented to improving productivity.

We have standard courses that we can customise to individual client needs and we have the ability to develop specific courses to our clients – both technical and general courses, such as:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Basic to Advanced level ICT skills
  • Effective Customer Relationship Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Health, Safety and Environmental awareness
  • Developing a service-oriented organisation

Lohi Consulting believes in the culture of continuous improvement therefore post-evaluation of training delivered, the contents and the experience of the participant is a crucial aspect of the learning model. Post-course activities that provide feedback to Lohi Consulting helps to develop and improve the nature of Lohi Consulting’s training courses.


Most organizations are either considering some form of outsourcing or contracting with external vendors to supply non-core services traditionally provided by in-house staff.

Lohi Consulting provides outsourcing services to their clients in areas that are not typically regarded as core to business operations. We take over personnel responsibilities of compensation and other welfare issues whilst ensuring that our client gets business value for services agreed upon.

Project Management

Lohi Consulting works closely with its clients ensuring that overall business objectives of critical projects are achieved. Organisations embark on projects that are designed not only to improve efficiency of business operations but also improve financial performance; however a good number of projects fail to achieve the right results due to poor project management and change coordination. Lohi Consulting aims to deliver projects within stipulated timelines and budget estimates thereby realizing greater potentials from projects.

Lohi Consulting provides project management based on best practices methodologies; such as Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI). These methodologies incorporate international standards such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and/or Control Objectives for Information and related Technology defined by the US-based Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).