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COURSE: Office Ettiquete

Office etiquette or office manners is about conducting yourself respectfully and courteously in the office or workplace. It is the observance of a simple set of rules for getting along with other people in an organizational context. Like the unwritten but well-understood expectations in the larger society, office etiquette helps smooth the wheels of daily interaction within the office. This module will open the eyes of participants to understand what acceptable behavior is.

COURSE: Personal Effectiveness

This module offers training that is not taught in schools at education or operational levels; it shows the individual the importance of discipline to ensure better output at work, home, or other activities. The module explores how leadership values and habits are cultivated to apply oneself towards individual success, irrespective of background.

COURSE: The Frontline Officer

The front desk officer is how you will “judge a book by its cover” – a vital link to how the world perceives your organization. This module is tailored towards developing communication skills in writing, verbal, and voice of the participants. It explores how to deal with challenging callers and visitors and enables the front line officer to become more efficient and effective when dealing with clients and the general public, in person or over the telephone.

COURSE: Effective Business Presentation

We all aim to sell and convince our clients to buy into our services. It is, therefore, important to present facts and figures in such a way so as to convince other people into believing what you want them to believe. With this module, participants will gain insight into effective presentation skills and how to be more confident in selling.

COURSE: Project Management

Using acceptable project management methodologies, this training provides the fundamentals of managing projects. The module takes the participant from the initiating stage to close-out of a project. It shows the fundamental requirements of balancing quality, time, and cost in managing projects. A “must-do” for new project managers.


Our expert strategies empower your workforce, driving organizational growth. Dive into a future of management excellence with our visionary training solutions enriched by local insights.