Secrets To Hide From Your Boss!

Even if He or she is super friendly and feels like one of the ‘boys’ or ‘girls’, or even feels like an amazing friend, guess what?  He/She is still your boss, which means that you should treat them as one. From the most minor of things to the most serious, there are everyday life issues that bosses just don’t need to know about.  Not implying that all bosses are bad people, but common sense tells you that being completely open and honest with your boss, in most cases, is just a flat out bad idea. Some things to hide from your boss are:

Greener grass/more money syndrome

Every boss knows that their employees want better jobs, they probably do too.  Everyone wants a better job than they have. Yes, nobody wants to stay in a dead end job and even people with great jobs are always looking for better jobs. Who doesn’t want a new position that pays more, has more power and/or prestige or more perks? You don’t want to be passed over for a promotion that could be what you’re looking for, just because the boss thinks you are looking to advance with another company.  It’s a secret better kept inside though because it could very easily be used against you.

You crack under pressure

You need to keep that information to yourself and learn to deal with it like the grown-up that you supposedly are.  While some people are more hesitant when it comes  to taking on stressful and time bound projects, others are super proficient at working under pressure.  If the former describes you, guess what?  Your boss doesn’t want to know that you hide in the bathroom and cry when they ask you to speak to a client or put you in charge of a hugely important project. So devise a method that works for you and go for it.

You are in Debt

The last thing you want is for your boss to think you are not capable.  Thanks to the car you bought and that beautiful apartment you really could not afford but went out of your way to get all the same.  So, the children’s school fees are long due, so your wife’s car just decided to pack up and….. ummmm the list is unending, so you are in debt.  The last person that should hear anything about it is your boss.  He/She is just going to stop respecting you and start thinking that you don’t know what you’re doing at the office.

They are not FUNNY

A happy boss is a more pleasant boss to work for right?  Many of us have laughed at a joke told by a boss that wasn’t even remotely close to being funny. They like to think they are lightening the mood in the office when they are actually doing quite the opposite. They think they are funny, so what harm can it do to let them think so?  The best thing for you to do is just take it as that, a mood lightener, and give it a hearty chuckle before completely forgetting about it moments later.

Everyone wants to be seen in a good light in the eyes or their boss!!!!

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