Personal Branding!


We think of personal branding mostly from a professional or career standpoint, but it spans across your career and personal life. It is an ongoing process where you establish a professional image, leaving an impression on others about who you are, what you can do, and why they should want to work with you.

Personal branding can have long-term effects on your career path as well as your earning potential.  Personal branding is a vital part of a successful job search.  Before you can build your own personal brand, you must understand what it is and how to wield it to your benefit in today’s career market.  It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of positive personal branding in your career pursuit.

Personal Branding, What’s that??

Personal branding is about what people know you for professionally, how people view you, and the value you bring to others. It is the practice of people marketing themselves, their talents, and their careers as a Brand.

Personal Branding, How??

It is recommended to start off by sitting down and mapping out what you believe you’re best known for and what you feel like your best brand attributes are, also think about why you absolutely love doing what you do.  Your personal brand is in the minds of those who know you best and they can help you uncover what does and does not resonate with those around you so you can make appropriate adjustments to your own personal branding. So, you can send out to your network/colleagues/friends/family to gather insights into your own brand image.

Avoid the following;

Keep the following in mind when building your personal brand.

  • Don’t stagnate. Keep learning, growing, and getting better at what you do.
  • Keep it positive. Negativity will hurt you more than a lack of experience.
  • Culture fit is king. People report higher levels of career satisfaction when there is a culture fit.
  • People want to hire employees with a great attitude and terrific character. Prove you have those two qualities plus the experience and you have a golden ticket to success.personal branding

Figure out your personal brand now if you haven’t already.

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