Are You Ready For That Interview?

So you think that you are ready for that job interview?
interviewCongratulations on getting your foot in the door with a new organization! Securing a coveted interview with a potential employer means you have passed the first test.  Yes, being asked to interview is an achievement in itself.


The time to prepare to wow the interviewer(s) with your knowledge, relevant experience, and ability to meld with the company’s corporate culture is now!

Let’s check some signs that you are not prepared for the big job interview with tips on how to get ready to rock it instead.

Sign 1: You don’t know about the company

It will be obvious to your interviewer if you didn’t do your research ahead of time—and it will hurt your chances of being asked back. You do not know what type of work the company does, the company culture, or any details of the position you have applied for. You really are not prepared if you know nothing about the company.

Fix it

Visit the company’s website to learn about the company’s services or products, the clients they serve and what it does best. Likewise, you could even reach out to a couple of the company’s current employees to find out what they love most about working for the organization. Also visit the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages to get a better understanding of the company, any bleeding needs they have, and, most importantly, the company’s culture. Do your homework ahead of time by researching the company

Sign 2: You forgot important documents

When you get the call for an interview, be sure to ask how many people will be interviewing you so you know how many copies to take along.  It also never hurts to have a couple of extra copies at hand.  Yes, you should have several copies of these printed items with you on crisp, professional paper.  Note that, if you did not bring your resume, cover letter and credentials, you are not prepared for the interview and it will show.

Fix it

The impressive thing to do is to visit the company website and social media after you receive an invitation to interview.  Review the requirements of the position for which you are interviewing and adjust your cover letter and resume accordingly to demonstrate how well you will fit in and what you bring to the table.  Print several copies at least two days before the interview on professional resume paper, this way, don’t have to panic about printing these the morning of the interview if you have taken care of this in advance.

Sign 3: You didn’t to dress to impress

The old adage “Dress to impress” still holds true.  Dressing is a big problem.  Recruiters report that candidates not dressing appropriately for the position are a major factor in their hiring decision. The excuse that you didn’t have proper interview attire, so you’re not dressed appropriately doesn’t hold water.

Fix it

You can invest in at least one great interview outfit, dress for the job you want. Keep your look conservative and professional. Try on your entire ensemble when you get home after buying, to make sure everything fits well and is comfortable far before the interview. This gives you time to make any necessary alterations and allows you to feel primed when the big day arrives.

The signs are quite enormous, so watch-out for the concluding part!

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